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In addition to sizing a Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger for your specific heat transfer needs, our engineers incorporate measures to insure ease of maintenance and longer equipment life. This equates to both smaller initial capital and maintenance costs over the years.

Our experience can save you more than time and money. Our experts take complete responsibility for the execution and delivery of all items required for your heat transfer application. We do the job right the first time.

Our personnel will correlate design, manufacturing and delivery to your construction schedule. Contact us with the requirements of your next project.
Need A Quote On SPECIALTY COATING Services?
The addition of an internal coating system can provide increased corrosion protection with substantial cost savings as compared to exotic material selection. CMS can also coordinate the installation of specialty linings and plating processes to your equipment.
From Teflon to galvanizing, to internal or external coatings, CMS has the expertise to meet all your coating requirements.

These 26" diameter vessels feature Gr. 2 Titanium tubes and tubesheet. The removal front channel was hot dip galvanized to aid in corrosion protection. External coating is a cool tar epoxy for severe weathering protection on an offshore oil platform.

These horizontal units were designed to operate in series. The two vessels are stacked together and use seawater on the tubeside to cool off turbine oil on the shellside service. Tubeside features are Gr. 2 Titanium tubesheets with a removable 34" diameter bundle with a Gr. 2 Titanium rear flo-head. The front and rear channel assemblies feature a three coat epoxy paint system for seawater service protection. The shell exterior features a phenolic paint coat system for ease in maintenance and its high gloss appearance.

CMS Heat Transfer Division, Inc.

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CMS Heat Transfer products include shell and tube heat exchangers, fixed tubesheet and u-tube exchangers, oil coolers, pre-heaters, condensers, after-coolers, steam converters, kettles, reboilers and evaporators. CMS engineering include custom heat exchanger, process and mechanical design services to all TEMA and ASME conformance requirements.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All information on this site is provided for reference. While we make effort to provide accurate information, CMS cannot be held responsible for errors either of omission or typographical.

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